Gay marriage in spanish

Same-sex marriage in Spain

But, as Sociologists say, people in a society changes more slowly than that society itself. So, there are things in sociey, such as the topic we are talking about, which are changing, but there are many people who don't agree with those changes. But next generation will see the same topic with other eyes and they won't talk about it because this will be so common that it won't be important. We must adapt ourselves to society, instead society to us. For what it's worth, I think Tarential should think carefully about exactly what bigotry means, rather than playing with words. On his understanding which I've bolded, objecting to, say, rape and murder would be bigotry.

I see nothing wrong with objecting to some other person's behaviour as long as the grounds for the objection are not just based on ignorance, but are a considered opinion. To claim something is bigotry is automatically claiming an ignorance which is insulting to most people. How you can then be surprised at it being taken as an insult is a mystery to me. So, you mean that a couple with no children have an invalid marriage, don't you? So, if people want s to change the terms of the contract they do, they must be able to do it.

Same-sex marriage in Mexico

But, as sociologists say, people in a society change s more slowly than that society itself. Elocuentamente dicho. El matrimonio mata la libertad que tienen, pero cambié mi opinón cuando aprendí las consecuencias de compartir una vida con alguien sin el contracto.

Si una en de la pareja muere su familia es capaz de coger todo dejando el compañero sin nada y sin recursos legales combatirles. El matrimonio es una cosa muy civilizada.

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Fair points, but I'm not just changing my stance just like that, but I will however consider what you have said. Tarential, irmamar has shown how you disagree with someone.

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Do you say your marriage contracts or your marriage vows? Marriage is not a contract, it's a vow. A contract would be "I agree to be with you for 6 months unless you don't do the dishes. I will cut the grass on each Friday I think calling it a contract cheapens marriage greatly. When you say your vows you say "Until death do we part. That's a commitment most people are not willing to live up to, but they haphazardly agree to it.

From the Oxford on my desk It's a business contract, that's why it involves the law. I would advise men to stay away from it. Marriage vows are taken often with bibles priests or muftis or whatever, but it the piece of paper that counts. That paper is a contract, a pact that represents a pooling of resourses in fact a corporation. All holiness, tacky photo albums and ceremony aside, when push comes to shove, it's the contract that counts.

Yes, a civil contract. Religions have a habit of stealing social arrangements and incorporating them into religion, then portraying them as their own invention and giving the impression of some moral highground. I hate that. Sorry - rather sensitive at present, considering the visit of the Pope to the UK, which I'm furious about.

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But that's a different topic. Creo que me he perdido : :thinking: Yes, I think I'm lost. Why do I disagree? Don't worry, I like yours, too. Why a rape or a murder is a bigotry? Sorry, I don't understand. Well, surely I'm lost among a lot of words that I don't understand maybe I should translate. Different points of view, since yours is a religious one, while mine is a legal one. Anyway, I should tell you that I had a religious marriage and it is not my intention abandon my beloved husband whom I love so much that if he died, I would like to die, too.

But I am heterosexual. Why, if I were homosexual, couldn't I marry another woman if I loved her as much as I love my husband? That's what I don't understand. Gracias por el cumplido. Puede que me exprese bien, pero igual no entiendo nada. Irmamar, I never said you disagreed with him. Sorry, I didn't understand, then :o Let me read again not now, I don't have enough time. Irmamar, si acusa a una persona de ser un bigot, casi siempre indica una querella. Me parece que Terencial expresó su rabia muy bien, y defendió los derechos civiles que probablamente todo el mundo merece, pero la palabra bigot es fea.

Hay palabras así en español. Intolorant in a very good adjective that is not necessarily a fighting word.

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As the saying goes, "I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. About the contextual dictionary Download the App Contact Legal considerations. Enciclopedia Universal Ilustrada Europeo Americana. Register for your own free account now! The legalisation of gay marriage is a progressive movement, but for some people it's something strange. Get real. Or words to that effect.

That's interesting about bigotes. What a cooincidence--or is it? Difficult topic, but I was waiting for people to formulate their opinions. I try to be as partial as possible, and here is my opinion on this subject. How am I able to differentiate?

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Simple, I think of natural as everything that exists in the universe, and as such it fluctuates between positive and negative or on and off, whatever. So, naturally, if light, for example, should be present there should be a positive and a negative charge in order to generate light. With homosexuality nothing can be generated. It is sterile. So, like it is said and imparted in this country, the US, it is just a sexual preference. This is fine save for something else In my mind, if it is a sexual preference, then I and anyone else should be able to have a preference for 5 year old children, after all it is a sexual preference, right?

Ah, but it is against the law to persuade a minor. So, if people who prefer 5 year old children gather and make a yearly parade, maybe eventually it will be accepted by people and even legal, uh? To me homosexuality is a deviation, a sickness of the mind and or soul, and should be treated as such, nothing to do with natural couples and families. But to press the rest to accept this as natural, it should be, but it is happening. This is just part of what I have to say about this You bring up a new, interesting viewpoint to the forum.

As the yin and yang symbol, both, "black and white" have a "dot" of the other color inside Maybe Jessica can provide further insight on this Chinese philosophy the two fundamental principles, one negative, dark, passive, cold, wet, and feminine yin and the other yang positive, bright, active, dry, hot and masculine.

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The interactions and balance of these forces in people and nature influence their behavior and fate. But that's another subject Why a marriage breaks up? Lao Tzu, in the translation I read said, "Quien desconfía obtiene desconfianza". Then again, "El Tao que puede explicarse, no es el verdadero Tao But that is because we "need" to process it through the brain, which is our crutch. Yo no entiendo de dónde termina saliendo la conclusión "With homosexuality nothing can be generated.

En definitiva la clasificación en "estéril" y "fructífero" no es distinta de la de "malo" y "bueno", y como tal hay distintas escalas de valores. Una relación de hombre y mujer genera muchas cosas. Y una de hombre y hombre también. Una de las cosas que generan un hombre y una mujer una de las millones, de las billones es un niño. Con él se sigue moviendo la rueda universal de causa y efecto. Como también el amor que hay entre ellos dos hace lo mismo, como también los suspiros que irradian de la relación son infinitos y parte del universo y tal vez yo este aquí gracias a un ramo de rosas que tiraron en un casamiento y que hizo que El ramo de rosas vive en mi.

Dos hombres también generan miles y millones de cosas. No necesitan ser novios o esposos o amigos. Es lo de menos.

Spain: Homosexual weddings

Pueden crear mil frutos por doquier. Sobre las palabras, nada dicen al fin y al cabo. Absolutamente todo se puede refutar con la razón. Yo cada vez que escribo me arrepiento, y cuando hablo también. Ya lo tomo como un juego, en serio hablo muy poco. Defiendo teorías que no son las mías solo para jugar. En persona estoy habituado al silencio. Poco se puede decir. Estamos solos, aislados. Nada se puede decir. Es un "must" la aunque sea superficial incursión en él. Tienes razón.